TS Ag Finance is committed to being at the forefront of the ever-changing financial needs of the agricultural industry. TS Ag Finance provides competitive long-term fixed or adjustable interest rate loan products for agricultural producers. The agriculture loans are secured by real estate, livestock, equipment and/or other agricultural products. To learn more about the programs or products described below, please contact us.

Bank Loans

TS Ag Finance is a DBA of TS Bank (Treynor State Bank), and has access to the Bank's loan product offerings. TS Bank offers intermediate and operating loans to agriculture clients throughout the Midwest. The agriculture loans are underwritten and financed internally. The focus of the Bank loans is for operations, livestock and equipment along with short-term real estate mortgages. This program is the primary focus of the Regional Relationship Mangers with a targeted footprint of the upper Midwest. 

Secondary Market Loans

Farmer Mac Loans

TS Bank is an approved Farmer Mac Seller. Farmer Mac offers long term fixed interest rate products or short term adjustable interest rate products. In addition, Farmer Mac offers a long term revolving real estate line of credit with a 5 or 10 year draw period. Producers growing a wide variety of commodities throughout the United States can utilize this program. Farmer Mac loans are secured by a first mortgage on agricultural real estate.

Triple R

RAPID REQUEST & RESPONSE. Look to the Triple R program for underwriting decisions within 48 hours and limited required information. The Triple R program is available for agriculture real estate purchases or the refinance of agriculture real estate debt when the request is $750,000 or less. Product offerings include a variety of adjustable and long term fixed interest rate options. Loans are secured with a first mortgage on agriculture real estate.

The Edge

The Edge loan products offer the ultimate in flexibility for agricultural producers. All product offerings are fully termed out maturities with no balloon payments. In addition, after the initial 1 year lock out period, loans can be prepaid or converted to another interest rate product on any business day. This program allows the borrowers to have the edge in managing their interest rate risk.

Ag Leases

TS Ag Finance offers Agricultural Leases as a financing alternative for clients throughout the country. The leases are available up to 100% of the asset cost with end of lease options provided upfront.

Building leases can cover the project from start to finish and include outside costs such as concrete and electrical. Fixture leases and new or used machinery are eligible for leases. Lease payments for farm/business purposes may be fully deductible. TS Ag Finance offers annual, semi-annual and monthly payment plans. Ag Leases are secured with a first position on the asset being leased, whether it be a building or equipment.

If you would like to learn more about our products, or discuss how TS Ag Finance can benefit your operation, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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